Work Management must ensure that only "value added" work is performed and this is done in the most efficient and economic manner WITHOUT jeopardising safety or environmental requirements. A clear and agreed Work Flow Process is key in this effort. This should include the Work Types.


“What do we need to do to prevent unexpected functional failures?

Preventive and Predictive Tasks, mainly prepared work to ensure assets are kept in functional state and pro-active measures to keep track of the asset condition compared to expected.

“Is request work valid and important enough to be executed?”

A process of formal work requesting, validating and approving work, will ensure only value added work will be executed.


“What must be done, What is required, How should it be executed and at What cost and effort?”

Work preparation also Planning,

Work Preparation (aka Panning) is the process to focus on well-prepared work which is more efficient, less costly, less risk of double work, early repairs and is in general more safe.


"When and by whom can the task be executed in the most safe, efficient manner with the best result?"

Ensure work is done at appropriate date/time to avoid process interruptions or high cost.

Possible combine tasks in the same area or same assets to avoid frequent shutdown

For work to be executed by the best team and at the best time and lowest risk of process interruptions”


"Is work executed as expected, is a quality inspection performed and is feedback given?"

This is about coordination on a daily basis and ensure work is execute according preparations and proper feedback is given.

Make best use of resources and materials and ensure quality work.

Perform quality work/inspections to ensure work is done according expectation and standards.
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